Why Pain Might Actually be a Good Thing for Us..?

No one is unfamiliar or new to this word – PAIN. It is a constant in our life. And then we have this big problem of overanalyzing stuff and making things even worse for our life. Like it wasn’t already enough, then creeps in the thinking that our world has fallen apart and nothing will get better. But one thing that we might never agree with is that pain in disguise is good for us and not is one but many ways. It sounds creepy, but it is not half as bad as you have been thinking.

  1. If you didn’t know the feeling of pain, how would you ever know what pleasure is!!

If you were happy and you life had nothing to make you wince or cry in pain, then how would you ever realize the worth of pleasure and how would you actually know what experiencing pleasure feels like. Think about it!!


  1. Pain makes us who we are!!

Imagine a life without hardsips and where you were always on a journey upward and never experiencing a failure, how would you grow and evolve because as we all know that we strong in the worst circumstances because that is the only option we have. So, it teaches us not only to love ourselves but also grow, evolve and become a better person.

no pain no gain 2

  1. The end result of pain is pleasure and the sense of achievement

After a world of turmoil and a phase that just wrecked you totally, you come out of it in a way that even you didn’t think was possible and you realize the limits of your own self. And like every time, when that sad and hollow phase ends, it is always about the sense of relief that envelops you and feel blessed.

no pain no gain 3

  1. When pain ends, there is an increased level of happiness in you

This is what science has proved and almost every time you come out of a painful experience, you feel much more happy and ecstatic because you have been in that painful web for so long that when you finally emerge out of it, you are automatically a better person.

no pain no gain 4

  1. After hours of that gruelling running session, you actually feel better

This again is a proven fact, once you have completed your long and enduring running sessions, you body releases chemicals that make you euphoric and don’t tell me that running doesn’t give your body pain.

no pain no gain 5

  1. Pain gives you that sense of achievement!!

In the sports arena, where every sports person or the dancers who push their bodies to the extreme levels and set new boundaries for themselves every day; you will be surprised to know how much pain they can actually endure. No wonder, making a career out of your tough hobbies is no child’s play.

no pain no gain 6

  1. It helps you become an empathetic person

Once you come out of your judgemental senses and you actually try to feel and understand the pain the other person is going through (which only happens when you have experienced pain yourself), then only you become a better listener and good friend.

  1. When you go through it, you become more helpful and giving by nature

If you have experienced or survive through a natural calamity and been through the pain of losing a loved one, then only you will come out of your self centred shells and contribute for the better of others who are suffering. This is how it is, it is not a generalization.

So, now it has been scientifically proven that pain in the long run makes us a better person. Because only when you have lived through the bad times and the harsh weather, you realize the joy of living and what it feels to experience the cool breeze of summer, right? And if this doesn’t persuade you to face every painful situation, then always remember, just like the nights casts its darkness on us, but the next day’s dawn is also guaranteed and waited, similarly, pain and pleasure are always inevitable and for our better only.

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