WhatsApp Updated For Users Added 10 New Features

We all know that WhatsApp is available for messaging, free calling and can share audio-video with friends. However now WhatsApp added many new features like sharing documents and we can add up-to 256b members in our group. Here we are going to tell about the WhatsApp features being added in last two months.

  • Documents Sharing :- Document sharing is the latest feature of WhatsApp. If you updated the app you’ll see a new icon in the document attachment options. With its help you can also share documents like photographs and videos.

Old New Emoji WhatsApp

  • New Emojis :- Recently several new Emoji added in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Lifetime Subscription Added

  • Extended Subscription Period :- Now you can avail WhatsApp services for lifetime. The company closed 56 rupees annual subscription and they make it free for Android, iOS and other platforms.

whatsapp group limit 256

  • Group Members Limit Up-to 256 :- WhatsApp extended group members limit up-to 256. Now we can add more peoples in groups.

whatsapp android starred message feature

  • Starred Message Feature :- Now you can bookmark your favorite chats in WhatsApp by adding star. This is really an important feature because now you can access you favorite chats quickly any time.

whatsapp 3d touch support

  • 3D Touch Support for iOS :- WhatsApp rolled-out 3D touch support for it iOS users.  Let me tell you that Apple’s iPhone had Introduced 3D touch feature in 6s and 6s Plus.

whatsapp regional language support feature

  •  Regional Language Support :- The company added regional language support feature. This is a great feature for people, now you can talk in you regional language. Go into chat setting feature and select you regional language. Keep in mind in some handsets this feature is not rolled-out yet.

whatsapp google drive backup feature

  • Google Drive Backup :- Now no need to worry about backups if you lost your phone. You can backup WhatsApp chats to your google drive. SO in case if you lost your phone just login with your gmail account in new phone and all set. You can restore your data from drive easily with media files.

whatsapp new setting page

  • Net Setting Page :- New setting page has been added to 2.12.506 version. For now its not available for android users. With this update you will see some new options of settings page.

whatsapp quick reply feature for iOS

  • Quick Reply Feature for iOS :- Quick Reply feature lets iOS users reply directly with pop-up notifications on the screen without having to open the app.

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