Upset Stomach May Increase The Risk Of These Serious Diseases

The main cause of the intestine or stomach infection are linked to diet. Any disturbances in diet can cause bacteria infection in the intestines. So if you want to keep your stomach healthy you need to give attention on diversity of food. Recent reasearch has shown that because of this infection these two diseases are likely increase one is type-2 diabetes and another is obesity.

The lack of variety in food human intestinal ecosystem became fragile, which increases the risk of type-2 diabetes and obesity. According to a new study people have been advised that they should include a variety of foods in their diet.

In the past 50 years due to changes in farming practices resulting the reduced diversity of agricultural diversity in our food has decreased. This research has been published in the journal Molecular metabolism.

The US Bio-medical Research Center, says, a healthy human gut bacteria are found in a diverse range. But the decline in the diversity of bacteria diseases like type-2 diabetes, obesity and stomach pain starts to grow.

The primary work of bacteria found in the stomach is to aid in digestion and to help achieve the nutrition from the variety of foods eaten.
The diversity of these bacteria results in the loss of a variety of diseases may come across as. Researchers say that the more rich diversity of our food results as much variety in our gut bacteria.

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