Understand the Beautiful relationship of love

Humans have been gifted with wide range of emotions. Emotion is just a word but indeed it is not as small. It is immense like a sea in its aspects. In fact, this is the key to all worldly things. You make choices based on it, you judge people on its basis, and in fact you make your world on your own emotional background. The story is not over yet, because along with emotions, comes one more thing in association, that is attachment. You don’t want to be away from your phone because you are attached to it, you never let go of your family because you love them, and you don’t want to lose your friends because you have fondness for them. All these situations can be summarized as relationships, those who rule our lives and our world.

Relationship types

There are a variety of relationships out there, some of which are emotional, some social, some commercial and some just termed as an acquaintance. Every one of us is entangled with their feelings and thoughts and trying to balance between the different relations. Love and trust are the two keywords of relationships. In fact, these two are the basis of any association between two people or among various people. And the most significant point around here is that these should be mutual to work any relation out.


The most common interpretation of ‘being in a relationship’ today is having a bf or a gf or simply being in love with a guy or a girl. It is not that only having a boyfriend or a girlfriend is termed as being in a relation, but this one happens to be the most celebrated one. It is coming up of two entirely different (though sometimes similar) people, creating an understanding and spends their life together. But the scenario is not as simple as it looks. In fact, there are numerous complications out there. You have to compromise, you have to sacrifice, you have to think about your partner before everything else and you have to be with them in every situation. But it is also not as cumbersome as it sounds, because these things you enjoy as well. There is someone to share your feelings, someone with whom you can be yourselves and you need not keep explaining every time. Love is a beautiful emotion to be cherished and celebrated.

How to maintain healthy relationship

There are no certain rules to be followed to maintain a relation. We cannot bind the relations in just some rules or ethics because it is far more difficult to captivate human emotions considering their variant and inevitable qualities. But there are certain things regarding the relationships which should be kept in mind to keep them healthy and happy. There must not be any conditions in it and though difficult but it should be unconditional. Sometimes, you may need to think from your partner’s perspective and even sometimes you need to tolerate when you are not wrong also. The partner must be treated with immense love and respect and you should also care for each other, which includes being also a shoulder to lean. These are some small things which keep your love and relation blossoming. Not everyone is gifted with the beautiful relations, so if you have, cherish them and value them.

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