Top 10 iOS Scanner Apps you can Choose

5 years back, you will be searching for a scanner, to scan an important document. Now you can scan and send the documents with a single touch from your smartphone. Here is the list of top scanning apps which helps you to scan documents

Genius Scan

It is one of the simplest app available in the market, which helps you to scan quickly and effectively. It offers some additional options like image enhancement and page detection. You can also convert the scanned copies to either PDF’s or JPEG’s. There are some export options available in this app. This app is completely free.

Tiny Scanner

This scanning app helps you scan your documents in color, black or white, depending on your needs. This app gives you scan clearly as there are 5 contrast levels available in Tiny Scanner. It also lists the scanned documents in thumbnail which helps in easy identification and consulting. You can password protect your documents also. Tiny Scanner is absolutely free.


iScanner is one app which helps your scanned documents to be synched with your other devices. You can easily upload the documents to Google drive or DropBox with the options available in this app. You can also edit the scanned documents like removing the shadows and enhancing the text. It also helps you to manage the documents effectively. You can avail these services absolutely free.


This app allows to extract keywords from the document and edit those text. This app is not absolutely free, you have to pay up to avail certain services. One additional feature of this app is that you can fax the scanned copies.


Using ScanBot, you can scan the QR codes and Barcodes in addition to scanning your documents. If you want to protect your documents with a password, you have to be avail the premium service. You can also add pages to the scanned document if it is needed.


You can crop the scanned document using the tools available in this app. If you want to add a signature to the document, InstaPDF helps you do this easily. You can drag and drop your documents easily to the MacBook.

PDFpen Scan+

You can get this cool app for $6.99. One cool thing about this app is that it recognizes characters of 18 different languages. You can auto export the documents to DropBox and iCloud, which make sure that none of the documents are lost.

 Fine Scanner

Fine Scanner is a very useful app if you are a student. You can scan the pages of the books easily and helps you to edit the text if it is needed.

Evernote Scannable

This is a handy app to scan documents and receipts. You can rotate, adjust and crop the images and makes easy for you to use it however you want. This app helps you go completely paperless.

Scanner Pro7

You can get this app for $3.99 and scan your documents easily and effectively. If you have less time, this app is your go-to app for scanning and sending the documents in the mail.


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