Things to Makes Women Powerful Mentally or Physically

  • LifeStyle Desk: Have you ever noticed that women in cooking is mastered, most big chefs are men. Equality of women as well as men in fashion designing appear. But the men who were considered a step backwards in women usually appear. why does this happen? Where there is a shortage?
    Experts suggest that the lack of ability or talent, not the thinking and behavior. Women prefer men in this case by adopting some of the properties are also moving forward.
  • The Solution: It is believed that the nature of women than men is quiet. Even in the difficult situation they try to solve the problem of comfort, while the women are upset early and often tend to start wailing. Serious and quiet person more intelligent people tend to believe and respect. It is also helpful in nature from those guarded behavior. Too many negative things of their behavior can be hidden silently.
  • Responsibility is the Only Option: The boys had known from childhood that they have jobs, they have to take responsibility of parents, wife and children. So they have not an option to retreat. Thats why the do try again and again to get anything done. It comes in them the habit of winning. This thought holds him forward in career. On the other hand many women doesn’t thoughts job necessarry and reflect the casual attitude. It effects their working grace and carrer. It also inspires all other women in a wrong way.
  • Most men are known to be thick-skinned. So they criticize, condemn, and are least affected. In a way it is good for a personality thing, because then the person is able to hear criticism, but his effort does not assume any bad thing. Women should learn this good habit. It is also necessary for own pleasure.
  • Don’t be Dependent: Women depends on men for small jobs. Thing you do not own, its natural to have lack of information about. But most men do not dependes for jobs on anyone.  Even if they are living alone, then learn how to cook. So to reduce dependency you should do home jobs, start from small things  like pay electricity bill yourself, buy daily goods and more.
  • First Listen Then Speak: It has been observed that men meet to hear. Gossip or complaint or frustration, he manages to show you off that he is listening you. While women make a comment without hearing the whole thing. Several times in office meetings they try to keep their thoughts withiout hearing the whole thing. Women must learn from  men in this case, its is important for social life and carrer.
  • Don’t Hesitate in Good Intentions: In office there may be a promotion or birthday, men arrives firts to greet. They do not hesitate to play formality. Everybody likes good wishes. Its makes interrelationship better. Now a days networking is an important tool for success. Women should take care of this.

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