The two most important points to prevent your relationship from failing

Relationships are easy to start and hard to maintain, it’s like gambling when you play first you win but its hard to retain your money with time. If you are in a relationship you would know the effort you need to put in place to keep your better half happy and in turn keep yourself happy. I personally see many people struggling to maintain a relationship for long because of simple mistakes that people do, lack of knowledge and anxiety is what makes people loose on to good people. This article here sums up things the most common problems people face and how to overcome them.

People need space and you must learn to give them

Personal space is always an issue when two people are too much committed towards each other but have different mindsets. Girls generally need more space to workout a relationship while guys on the other hand are somewhat hooping into everything at times (A general point, not all of you are that bad). It is important to understand that clinging on to a person 24 hours will make him/her irritating; he/she will start avoiding you or try to find out ways to ignore you. What you need to do is to give them time, and make a proper time to talk to them, you need to keep this thing in your mind that they have other people in their lives too. Just try giving them more comfort by not asking too many pointless questions or having fights on there whereabouts. People who have worked on this point have seen miraculous results.

Trust, time and the element of surprise

Trust is the most important point of all, if you don’t have trust in your relationship read on 1000’s of articles like this but they would be no good, if you have trust issues sit together with your partner and sort it out if you aren’t satisfied either live this way or put it to an end. Research and surveys show that about 32% relationships fail because partners do not give proper time to each other. If you don’t take out time for someone you love, how could you expect them to be with you? If you are a working person try to surprise your partner as often as you can, surprise dates, gifts work like a charm.

The more love you show them the more your relationship will grow, to prevent a relationship from falling this is the best trick, you start going on frequent dates, chocolates, gifts, flowers are to be seen quite often, you pamper you make them feel happy and on the top most give them their individual freedom too. If someone loves you, you must respect their feelings; try not to take things for granted. Just some of your time and presentation of your affection will make your bond go stronger and unbreakable.

You don’t fall in love everyday, so make sure you keep the one who you love close to you.

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