Technology making our life easier than ever


What we just do without the unlimited technology surrounding us, advancements, research and hard work has today bought us to this stage where we are slaves to technology and gadgets. And why not, they offer almost everything, every a day a new research in the tech field is conducted, and every other day we are presented with mind blowing results and inventions.

The Electric car by Tesla

Consider the company Tesla Automotive, tesla just rolled out a car “tesla model 3”, the car already has received more than a million bookings and company will not be making a single delivery any time before the year 2017. Shocking isn’t it, but just why? Technology, that’s what this car has, there were times when people used horse carts, bullock carts to travel and quite frankly we are surviving on petrol and diesel right now. But this model by tesla runs on electricity. When we think about electric cars, those short sized 2 passenger battery cars just pop up in our head, but this model from tesla os an outburst for the stereotypes, the car is fast, has a sporty design and can run more than a hundred miles on single charge. See there? A high tech model. The future with flying cars doesn’t seem to be very far from here.

High end tech in gadgets and smartphones

Before 2010 we did not even think  about smartphones, and now our lives our practically impossible without them. Do you see how quick changes the gadget and smartphone industry goes through. One day you see a phone with 2 GB RAm and in the next two months you hear about a 4GB RAM based phone. Phones with curved edges, fingerprint sensors even retinal scanners have started to roll out and will soon be a part of every other smartphone.

Many rumors took off, that the smartphone giant “Apple” will roll out a thin and completely transparent smartphone in the coming years, which is just unbelievable.

Japan: the tech hub

Considered to be the most leading country in the world in terms of technology, Japan has tech companies that are building robots that would look exactly like humans, work like them and follow their commands. Just think how freaky it would be, a machine walking along with you in the streets and you wouldn’t even know if that’s a machine.

Japanese restaurants have been featuring robots for taking orders and taking them to the tables, for a while now. What is the world leading to? Its more like, we are trying to get ourselves lazier and lazier, by depending more and more on technology.

The military section of developed countries have raised to such an extent that things like camouflage are not just limited to movies now. An american company is working on creating such camouflage technology and we can’t wait to see how good or bad it works out for the world.

Anyways a short wrap up would be, its good that tech is taking up the world, but its seriously bad that we are becoming slaves to it.

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