Steps to do cute and simple hairstyle

The hairstyle can add the attraction in your beauty. You can do the number of hairstyles and can be the center of attraction among the people. Sometimes you may be getting late or struggling with the complicated hairstyle then with the easy hairstyles you can easily hold your hairs in beautiful styles.

Here are the hairstyles that can give you the attractive look:

  1. Different type ponytail: You can do the ponytail easily. It is easy and quick to do. It is very important to know where you want to do your ponytail. You can go for the high ponytail which gives a fashionable and dramatic look. Top get the sport look you can tie your pony few inches below from the crown area. If you want the simple and cute look then you can tie a ponytail at the nape of your neck.
  2. Voluminous ponytail: If you want the attractive ponytail then you can try the voluminous ponytail. You will not only get the great hairstyle instead you will get the volume to your hair.
  • For the voluminous hairstyle, you need to take the section of the hairs from the back of your head. Comb the left hair with two or three passes.
  • Now, tease the separated section of the hair with the fine toothed comb. For teasing, you need to push the comb downward towards the scalp of the hair. You will get the strands of the hair that will add the volume to your hairs
  • Once you have done with the teasing of your hairs then you can gather the rest of the hairs with the help of the hand and hold it in one place.
  • Tie the hairs with the rubber band on the back side of the head. You can use the comb after tying the hairs lightly to give the finishing touch to your hairstyle.
  1. Try quick sock bun: As summer season on you will not be comfortable with the open hairs right! You can try the bun hairstyle and can be safe from the hot weather. It looks great and comfortable to do.
  • To make the hair bun you need to have the sock bun which is a spongy donut shaped thing that will help to make the bun easily. You can either purchase it through the market or you can make it at home by cutting the toe off of a sock.
  • Tie your hairs in a ponytail where you want to make a bun. The most popular place of placing the bun is the crown area of your head.
  • When you gather your hairs for the ponytail then you can place the donut bun. You need to roll your hairs onto the donut and spread the ends of your left hairs around the donut. Wrap your left hairs around the donut to make a bun. You can even use the bobby pins to secure the loose hairs out of the donut bun

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