Some must have best iPhone apps

best iphone app

The first and the foremost thing that we do after getting our new iPhone is that we check out the apps already available in it, then we move on to app installation. As we all know there are a huge number of apps available on the app store. But choosing the best one is really very difficult. If you are planning to install some apps to your iPhone then you must try these best iPhone apps.

  1. Umano: – This is the whole new app for the people who think that reading an article is boring. This is an app that will help you listen to the article. This app reads the article that is published over various websites and blogs.
  2. Prismatic: – This is app will gather all the things that you like. You just have to select the interests and topics and this app will bring all the things together at one place for you. You can comment on them and you can even talk with your friends about it. Sharing option is also available.
  3. Talkto: – This is one awesome app. This app will help you find out whether the storekeeper has the item that you need. You just have ask the question and the local shopkeeper in your area will reply you back. You can even read the questions and answers by other users.
  4. Glympse: – Glympse is an app that will help your family members know where you have reached. You don’t have to text all the time while driving because this app will share the exact location of yours.
  5. Effing Weather: – if you are tired from the old weather app then you must try out this new weather app that will also show you 100+ funny phrases which you will read and enjoy.
  6. Fun Run: – This is an awesome game for the people of all ages. Even a child of 5 years or an aged person with 50 years of age will love to play this game. This is an online game and at a time 4 people can play. So play with your friends and enjoy
  7. Your Extra Life: – This is a real life game. You have to go on completing the challenges related to cooking, romance, nightlife, culture etc. This app is feed with pre crafted challenges. You have to upload a picture to prove that you have completed the challenge and the community members will verify it.
  8. Momentage:- This is an app that will help you combine photos. You can easily combine photos and make a story telling mash up with that.

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