Simple Fashion tips for today’s generation

To become stylish it’s really important to move with world not behind the world. It gives a little confidence to your personality. A confident personality has power to create a success story. In present era fashion and technology are indispensible part of our life. You can’t apart it from your life, becoming stylish means respecting yourself and giving importance to your feelings. In today’s world to move with the world it’s really important to move with the world. Becoming stylish does not mean following blindly what others are following it means trusting yourself and choosing what suits you.

  1. Wearing Dressing sense: You must wear the dresses that are liked by you not liked by others. Style is admiring you. You must have good sense of wearing. You should wear according to the occasion. You should have sense of wearing what to wear when. Wearing style very profoundly affects your personality. In summer season you should wear light shades dresses.
  2. Use goggles and hats: Whenever you are going for the hangout you can use goggles and hats in that situation. It will add to your personality as well as it will keep you safe from the sun rays. In summer or in winter you can use goggles and hats.
  3. Use hills according to your height: You should wear hills if you are a short height. If you are average height then you can wear short hills. In functions according to the occasion you should use pencil hills. According to the time and situation you should judge.
  4. Weekly skin care treatment: You must have cleaning treatment like spa at least in a week. You should care your skin and consult to the beautician. Caring your skin is very important; it will give a kind of confidence in your personality. You should always give care and importance to yourself.
  5. Use cosmetics: According to the time and situation you should use the cosmetics; if you are going in the wedding party then you should have a heavy makeup. If you are going for hangout then you can do light makeup. Eye makeup is very important it changes the looks completely.
  6. Avoid wearing busy printed textures:Wearing busy printed textiles looks unstylish and outdated. It also removes soberness of your dressing. You should not wear too long dresses and printed textures. If you are wearing skirts and gowns then use short. You can also wear traditional in western outlook in weddings. Plan everything according to your personality. Never hesitate in presenting yourself in front of others.

Thus these are the qualities that are very much important to become stylish. Style is to listen your inner voice and respecting yourself. It’s picking clothes that suits to your personality. You personality is the mirror of your future. You must do everything confidently. Plan your every action do perfectly. You r every action suit be perfectly befitting your personality. You should know how to talk in front people and know how to behave what to wear. Everyone have their own style you should also have your own.


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