Modern Fashion Trend and Everyone’s Prespective

Upon hearing the word fashion, there comes a picture in mind of a person dressed elegantly , with elegant clothes and hair , basically with good looks. It is just an instance of fashion because defining the word fashion is far too complex. The simple interpretation of fashion comes out to be a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body or furniture. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses. It is broadly and more closely associated with clothing only and fashion is often mistaken as the measure of a person’s status.

Fashion trends and their following have become remarkably popular since times. Looking back, in Victorian times also, traces of fashion have been discovered. Kings and queens, being majestic, used to hire best of the designers for them to ensure they look royal as well. In recent times also, fashion has captivated our lives and people try to do everything as fashionably as possible. This has helped society growing out as more civilized and etiquette as people now understand how they should dress and behave at proper places.

Different perspective of fashion

Fashion is often associated with women or we can say that it is viewed in that perspective. The reason behind is that females tend to be more modest and ethical and thus pay more attention to the materialistic things. The other thing is that women love to be loved and flattered. So, in order to look attractive and appealing also they tend to be more interested in new trends and practices. Undoubtedly, women are the main target whenever a fashion firm launches new trends, new range of clothes and accessories. You can also observe that most of the brands associated with fashion are primarily concerned about how women are going to find their new collection. There are a huge number of fashion brands and designers out there for women. And in fact, it would not be mistaking to state that women fashion industry is the most dynamic industry among all.

Fashion brands

But, fashion is not limited to women only. Gone are the days, when in wedding ceremonies or functions, only women used to concerned about their clothes and accessories and men had very limited choices to make. Today is the era where men are being as fashionista as the female folks. The emergence and flourishing of brands like Fastrack, Nike, Reebok are the proofs of that. Also, the modeling industry has been flushed with the male models and there are designers and fashion shows only for men.

Kids’ fashion

These days, kids are also not much behind their parents. They have an entire list of demands regarding their clothes, footwear and accessories. These are not the kids whom the mums used to dress on their choices. They have their own say and choices when it comes to their fashion. A number of brands and stores are there now which only manufacture kids’ stuff. With the introduction to televisions, kids have also got an exposure to the fashion world and there are quite a lot kid and successful models and celebrities as well.

As mentioned earlier, fashion industry is the most rapidly changing or most dynamic industry. The fashion is a seasonal phenomenon and undergoes various changes almost daily.

But, to be very honest, being fashionable just doesn’t mean putting on expensive and designer clothes. The elegance with which you carry them is fashion.

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