Impact of technology in our day to day life

Technology has huge and profound contribution in our day to day life. In today’s world you can’t imagine a life without technology. You all are addicted of the technology applications. Your life would be restless without technology. Technology has a great participation in our daily life. You all are completely dependent on the technology. Technology is the need of the patient who is struggling between the life and death. Technology is the need student who is dependent on it for gaining quality education. Technology is also the need of every busy person who can’t reach everywhere for his small works. Now a days it has become very easy to book your tickets, recharge your bills. You need not to go the queue and stand for hours. Today everyone is having busy life and hectic schedule you can avail any type facilities as all facilities are available now online. Youcan’t survive a day without technology as it has become the compulsion of every one’s life. You use mobile and communication devices for communicating your dearer and nearer ones. We stay connected with day to day live updates with this technology.

Some of the applications of technology in our day to day life are mentioned as under:-

  1. Tech in Business: Technology is involved everywhere in business. You can easily carry a large scale business in small scale with the help of the technology. Technology has made business very easy and it require very less resources. You don’t need huge economy you can save your worker expense and taxes by starting business of large scale in small scale with the help of the technology. You can manage big records of your business with the help of the technology very easily. You can also spread your business with the help of technology. Social Medias has made it very easy to share your ideas and thoughts and spread your business.
  2. Tech in Economy: Technology in economy it holds the largest part of the economy .In economy technology contributes a lot. You can easily make money online there are so many ways to earn money online. Online money can be earned through internet marketing and by online shopping. There are so many advertising companies that are paying for posting the advertisements on your websites. It also pays according the pay per click.
  3. Tech in communication: Technology has very deep relation with the communication. Residing in any part of world you can communicate with your friends, family dearer and nearer ones. You use mobiles and various communicating Medias that contribute to the communication. You can make video chat with this technology even if you are away from your family and friends.

Thus technology is involved everywhere in our day to day life. It is involved in every comfort and every luxury. You can’t imagine a life without technology. Apart from these with the help of technology you can cure every type of diseases. You can also know about the climatic factors and weather with the help of technology. Technology is also participating in the education; it has made the way to study very easy.





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