How to Stop Overheating in Laptops, PC’s During Summers?

Summers are about to begin. We have to take much care of gadgets during summer. If we didn’t take care about gadgets, then they could be damaged due to overheating. At today we are going to give you some tips to prevent over-heating. These tips will help you to prevent overheating in laptops and desktops.

  • Clean CPU Laptop Batter and Fan: If dust accumulates in the CPU of a computer or in a laptop fan then it could risk overheating.
  • Necessary Things for Cleaning:
  1. Screw Driver: It is required to open laptop or desktop.
  2. Canned Air: It is also called as gas duster. It is used for cleaning electronic device. These are easily available in the market.
  • How to Do: To clean laptop battery or CPU first de-attach it. After that blow it through Canned Air. Doing so removes the dust from inside. Keep in mind when cleaning CPU that pressure should not be much quicker.
  • What Not to Do:
  1. Do not try to wipe it with wet cloth.
  2. Do not try to bend CPU blades.
  3. If CPU fan is not working, then don’t use system for longer. If you do, then it will overheat.
  • Cooling Kit: Users who uses laptop they also can use cooling kit to keep their laptop cool. There are many cooling kits available in market of different kind of shapes and sizes. If laptop is too old, then using that for long time could cause overheating. The best option is to use additional cooling fans.
  • Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing Cooling Kit:
  1. Buy cooling kit according to your laptop shape, due to wrong shaped cooling kit you hot air can go into laptop and it could increase the problem.
  2. Before buying cooling pad show you laptop to vendor so he can give you best option available for your laptop.
  • Use Laptop Carefully: Most laptop cooling air to the bottom of it. So, if the laptop is placed on a pillow or blanket may not have proper air ventilation. Keep your laptop on a flat surface, it will decrease overheating.
  1. You can use cooling matt instead of cooling kit so the problem will be reduced substantially.
  2. If you don’t want to use cooling matt, then keep your laptop on a flat surface to use. If you are using your laptop on bed, then put a book or a square piece of wood under the laptop. It will continue the air flow.
  • Take Care of the Battery: It is important to take care of the laptop in summers. Few steps to follow: –
  1. Keep charging the laptop slightly. Do not keep your body close to the charger.
  2. After charging the battery keep charger set aside.
  3. If the battery is beginning to heat up more quickly so, do not consistently use the laptop.
  4. If the battery is hot after using cooling kit, then change the battery.

These are few step you can follow to keep you Laptop and Desktop safe.

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