Girls Find How to Look Beautiful in Specs

How often the girls find a pair that he thinks he’s not good, it will also get ready, but it’s a matter of old-fashioned myth. Actresses with glasses appeared in several films and was quite glamorous look.
Deepika Padukone in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani people quite liked the look of the opticians. If glasses are worn by girls and pay careful attention to your make-up with her. They were also can look very beautiful eye makeup tips you need care about.

girl with specs

  • Foundation

While makeup foundation around the nose and keep your eyes and ears on the edges apply foundation. Putting the glasses did not look different on your skin. Dab around the eyes to keep the powder puff.

  • Eye Makeup

First apply base coat on your eyes. Take light color base coat from your skin color because with spec on upper lid additional extra shine on your eyes with sunglasses would display your eyes small.

  • Eyeliner

Don’t forget to use eyeliner, it will be better to use gel base liner because it will not give your eyes an unatural shine. It will give your eyes a natural shine. Use eyeliner as close as possible to lash line so you could difine the beauty of your eyes.

  • Hairstyle

Create a hairstyle with glasses, making the hair look bouncy and met puffy. If desired, use the machine rolls or crimping.

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