Gadgets and their Requirements on Daily Basis

A gadget can be small and or a big; it is a tool such as a machine that has a particular function and machine.  Now a day Gadget are becoming a part of our life since 90’s we are very addicted to technologies of gadgets. The very best example is television we can’t live without television. Now we want latest gadgets as per our daily requirements. As technologies are so advance and do these gadgets too, and we are very amazed by the new concept and innovation. Today innovation come with new design and technologies with highly integrated and highly advance systems with improved functions.

Today we have many types of gadgets but we talk about home based gadgets right now:

  1. Philips hue starter kit: This Philips hue lights can be using the app on android or ios devices. It can change the color as per the requirements and you can change the brightness. And you can get flash light when you can get notification.
  2. Canary security system: this device can connect all of your smart phone together and make one strong security system which can do a lot of thing. This device is very easy to use and easy to set up, it record the video and send the video to the user if there is an irregular activity happens. It also checks the room temperature and air quality too.
  3. Virtual reality: This device takes you the virtual world of gaming. With the help of this one can enjoy the gaming with the real world, user feel that he is in the game and playing in real world. This device can connect with any of the mobile and selected gaming devices. One of the great virtual device is oculus rift (the horror game).
  4. Hover board: This is the best device to reach to your office without any efforts. Its work on a batter and its battery last long up to 5 hours, hover Is the gadget which is used to commute the place and uses in the many industry to reach a particular place. And its demands are high.
  5. Withings Thermo: Now say goodbye to the other thermometer if you have this one at your home. It connects to the wifi or Bluetooth and keeps each and every record of your body temperature. It is the fastest to record the body temperature within 2 seconds.
  6. Key less smart lock: If you have a high security system at your home so this is the best device to have at your home. This lock can open and lock the doors with your smart phone. Or you can set the pin also and one can use the card or a fob to open the door.
  7. Ikettle: it is an internet-connected kettle, it will boil your water ready for your tea before you arrive home or in the kitchen. It can be used by the app from your smart phone and you can scheduled to warm up ready for you when you wake up.

There are many other gadgets in the world which is invented day by day with the higher technologies and design which can suits your life style.

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