Featured and upcoming gadgets, that will change how we live

Gadgets have always been a part of our life, from televisions to laptops, smartphones to smartwatches. We have been living around these tech gadgets so much that now if someone asks us to permanently leave them it would be impossible. With companies rolling out new gadgets in every field now and than, we have seen some fabulous gadgets in the past year and some even better concepts for future gadgets. Here we are going to discuss on both, the ones that have already surfaced the market and those which will be hitting the market soon.

Classy gadgets rolled out in the past years

Oculus rift: Yes, you may have heard of it, and features on our list too, this is one of the best gadgets that came out in the near past. Presenting you with virtual reality, Oculus made a big buzz when it announced this gadget. This gadget as you may know, will make you feel like you are present at a place, that you are actually not. Consider you playing a game that supports oculus rift, so when you wear this gadget you will feel like you are actually in the game. Talk about those old sci-fi moves eh ? Though it needs some design changes but we are sure that other companies will bring out similar gadgets pretty soon.

The hoverboards: Though they might seem useless, but still are quite a fascinating piece of each based devices. With motion control feature and the comfort to avoid walking and still being able to roll out on streets, this gadget got seriously popular among youngsters.

Samsung gear 2/ apple watch: These two companies presented the market with their smartwatches and people were speechless, a watch that will do all your stuff, show notifications, respond to mails, track your fitness and much more. These small devices also feature our list as we think they will bring a revolution in the smartwatch segment.

Gadgets that we can’t wait to see

LG rollable OLED: Well this is something we would like to see pretty soon. And we will officially say that future tech has arrived, this as name suggests is an LED by LG which can be rolled and stuffed in a box or a bag. Mind blown right?? Ours too, when we first read about it, let’s just wait if this becomes a reality.

Adidas Smart Ball: Football statistics are going to get a whole lot more interesting, with the adidas smart ball. This ball will have speed, motion, spin and flight sensors, it will record the data and transfer it via Bluetooth smart and it can be displayed clearly than.

Qualcomm wipower: This gadget is supposed to bring a revolution to device charging, it will enable charging via radio frequencies. Talk about crazy technology.

Anyway these are some of the gadgets that we think were and are going to be revolutionary. And who know, what surprises do tech companies hold for us, we will just have to wait and look out for them.

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