Know About the Facts Related to Epilepsy (Seizure)

Development of new pharmaceuticals, and availability of modern medical techniques and increasing awareness of epilepsy will help you to spend a normal life. As well as many of myths are shattered.

  • What is Epilepsy..?

Epilepsy is a brain disorder disease in which the brain cells activities becomes abnormal. Because of this person starts abnormal behavior. It is important to identify and examine the situation.

Millions of newborns every year are being born with the disease of epilepsy. Experts believe that epilepsy sufferers may also spend successful and happy life. Many well-known poet, writer and player despite suffering from epilepsy are successful in their field. To problems in life positive thinking is the key to the success and satisfaction.

  • Be Positive

Our negative attitude toward the disease must be challenged. Whereby people with the disease could spend their life normally and happily.

  • Tips
  1. Stay with the sufferer. Fit will end on time.
  2. Talk in quite way and explain others what is going on.
  3. Put something soft under the head of the sufferer.
  4. Put dangerous and sharps things away.
  5. Do not try to control the sufferer.
  6. Czech fit time for how long come to visit. If it is more than 5 minutes seek immediate medical help.
  7. Do not put anything in the mouth during the period.
  8. Stay with the sufferer until fully conscious.

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