Everything you must know about the Apple MacBook and the iphone 7

If you say you aren’t an ‘Apple’ fan, go away this article isn’t meant for you, but for the lovers we got some great news, Apple presented the world with its all new MacBook last year and we just can’t find enough words to appraise it, although this year turned out to be a little bit of disappointment as there were no mentions of any MacBook in company’s event on March 21st. We will be talking over the present MacBook further but I would like to draw your attention towards the iPhone 7 which is to launch this year itself.

“Upon using the new phone people will think how did I live without these features” said the Apple CEO ‘Tim Cook’ in a recent event, this statement has surely created a lot of buzz with people going crazy over what Apple is going to unveil with its new phone. You are very familiar with the trend – an official announcement results in a thousands of rumors, but Apple’s iPhone 7 has been a hot topic ever since the company launched the iPhone 6s. People were a little disappointed as the phone had much less to offer and came in the same design which was not liked on the launch of iPhone 6.

A quick description of the best compact laptop by Apple

Apple named it ‘MacBook Pro’, and we feel the name justifies what the device holds within. The MacBook pro is available in two different sizes namely a 13 inch and a 15inch model, they are slimmer than ever and the new color ‘Rose Gold’ takes thing to a higher level. The laptop features amazing super HD resolution of 2560 x 1600 which is much higher than the general HD resolution, not only this MacBook pro also features a retina display. If you ask me would buy this laptop just for its display. Alongside the beautiful display apple has introduced force touch for its mouse pad, which means that the sensors will take actions based on the amount of force applied on the mouse (where is technology taking us?) The laptop is so small and sleek in design it looks super luxurious and it weighs less than 1kg, what more do you want?

The Apple iPhone 7, rumors and expectations

Expectations from Apple never seem to end, and this time the game is going to get a whole lot bigger because according to the last 6 year trends we are going to see a design change in the iPhone 7, finally a sign of relief as we won’t have to carry that not so cool looking iPhone 6s anymore. But if you have your way with rumors, people are expecting the phone to have a retina scanner and a round design as well. Rumors have moved to such a point that people are now expecting the iPhone 7 to have a dual camera and that the phone will launch at a much reasonable price.

Well we just can’t wait for the Apple’s new phone and Tim Cook will now have to deliver according to his statement, something that we think why didn’t we have before.

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