Creative Fashion Show Themes

A fashion show is hosted to impress the audience and enable them to  buy the dress that is being displayed on the ramp through models. At a fashion show everything needs to be set correctly in a right manner. The show hoster should take care of the ramp, models, decorations, lighting effects, music in the background, sitting arrangement for the guests etc. they should be aware in setting the right kind of atmosphere so that the audience, stay interested and excited towards your show. The fashion events are these days orgainsed, even to raise funds for the purpose of charity other than display of new collections by the designer.

When things are conducted or done in a unique manner they always tend to capture the hearts of people. Similarly, when you host a creative fashion show you are likely to impress the audience and this would turn to be a merit for you.

Some Creative Fashion Show Themes:

  1. Seasonal theme: Hosting for the trends of a particular season, say winter or summer could be the best thing to play with colors. You can display collection tank tops, shorts etc in pale colrs for summer season and sweatshirts, sweater, etc in dark colors to showcase the trends of winter.
  2. Decades: This theme brings the fashion of different era’s in front you. This is considered to be the evergreen theme i.e 80’s, 90’s theme.
  3. Audience oriented: If the section of people in your show comes from a specific category say kids, women’s, men’s, corporate, etc, then accordingly the show could be hosted like on kids wear, casuals, formals for corporate etc.
  4. Accessories oriented: A fashion show is not only meant for the display of dresses on the ramp. You can host an accessory oriented show where you display beautiful ethnic accessories like handbags, jewellery, clutches, scarfs, pendants, belts, bracelets etc.
  5. Bollywood theme: The theme of Bollywood makes everyone feel crazy from inside and the audience would also enjoy watching this theme in action. The models walk the ramp wearing the latest trends and fashion adopted in Bollywood with the dramatic music in the background.
  6. High fashioned theme: This is a runway fashion theme show where the dresses of the models are quite high priced and unique. In this the hair and makeup should uniquely done to match the attire of the model.
  7. Classic book theme: In this theme you need to concentrate on the character from the classic books such as Romeo Juliet, Alice in Wonderland, etc. This show can inspire the audience as this would be quite rich and colourful.
  8. Crazy theme: To put in all the wild fantasy ides on the ramp, this theme would work better as it involves the flashy and dark colours along with bold makeup. If you are planning for something like this it will be fun.
  9. Punk Theme: If you want the show to be wild and entertaining you can go with this theme as it uses very bold makeup and the model carries a different attitude. They tend to display clothes with leather, animal prints, fake furs and nets.
  10. Handcrafted materials: Usage of bandhinis, jute, meenakari or the hand embroided stuff can make the model look ethnic carrying the culture and heritage of the country. The show would be acknowledged by art lovers.

Thereby a good theme for the event would bring in all the success with it, by setting the correct atmosphere.

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