Can we survive without modern era without technology?

Man has been a most intelligent and curious animal among all the animals and due to these two attributes man has build this modern world standing on different pillars of technology. Technology has become the best mate of a human, which help us in every field you can think of. Every day one new invention replaces the old one, but our dependence on the technology is irreplaceable. In fact these discoveries and invention this world a better place to live. A place where two people are just few clicks away from one another. Let’s see few benefits of technology in basic fields in man’s life and see how dependable we are on technology,

Technology in communication field

Thanks to the technology, the mode of communication has now become much cheaper, quicker and efficient than ever.  You can communicate with different people at the same time using social media platforms like face book and whatsapp. These innovations have helped people all across the globe during different disaster situations like deadly earthquakes.

Technology in banking sector

There was time when one had to wait in long lines in banks to get their transactions done but that is not the case with online banking system. With just internet connection at your home you can access your bank account from any place and anytime you want. Now you don’t have to take stress about bank timings, the holidays and all, just because of this tool of technology.

Technology in transportation

Technology has changed the transportation field completely. Now you can reach to your destination in less time than ever. Modern trains like bullet trains, airplanes have become efficient means of transport. They help us to save our most valuable money, time. Modern transportation vehicles are also helping in controlling the pollution by different means like using CNG or through electricity driven vehicles.

Technology and entertainment

With gadgets like smart phones, iPhones you got a complete package of entertainment in your pocket. They got video games, music, different apps like face book, twitter, and many others things for your entertainment. With internet in your mobile, you can watch your favorite TV shows and sports live.

Technology in medical field

Due to the technological advancement in the medical field, patients can now get better and pain free solutions to their problems. These advancements have reduced patients stay at hospital and also make medical services like surgeries cheaper than ever. With the modern technological tools, one can find solutions for those epidemic diseases which were once considered non curable.

Technology in education

The use of technology in education field has opened up whole new method of learning. One can study his favorite subject through online universities nowadays. This has considerably reduced the number of dropouts after high school. Through features like e-books and e-libraries, students can learn just through their phones or computers.

Technology in business

This is the field which is most benefitted by the technology. Due to technology one can promote and operate his business through online platforms like websites and blogs. These technological advancements and tools have helped this field in saving time and money. Online stores have become new shopping hubs for people all because of technology.

Many people in believe that technology is no more than a curse to human civilization, which make sense in a way, but what is more important is that we have become addicted to these technological innovations and it will be very difficult to survive without them. What we need to do is, to use technology sensibly because technology is neutral, and it is us who make it look bad.

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