Art of Living Asked 4 Weeks to Pay 5 Crores to NGT

art of livingArt of living in such a short time that they have asked the NGT 5 million can not fill. AOL has asked for NGT to 4 weeks.

NGT by Friday geiven order to art of Living, had to pay a fine of Rs 5 crore. Aart of Living is a charitable organization stated that it would be difficult to raise Rs 5 crore.

The NGT Sri Sri Ravishankar’s statement “I am ready to go to jail five million cases and will not” citing Aart Aaf Living reprimanded and may not make an issue out of the Tribunal. NGT said such a big man did not expect such a statement.

NGT so polluting the water resources ministry said, despite Kinchayi emails did nothing to save the Yamuna.

On Friday, the penalty for not providing NGT environmentalists Aor was ready for hearing on the petition filed by the Aart of Living Aayojit sought to fend off the program.

Nationalist Shiv Sena’s threat to the security in the wake of the Court’s NGT out CRPF and police personnel have been deployed in large numbers.

The World Culture Festival program with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the amount of penalties imposed by the NGT today is the last day of filing. The amount of fines in case of not filling up this evening NGT program could withdraw permission granted. NGT in this case in open court after hearing the Art of Living was ordered to deposit Rs five crore. The Court made it clear that the law will take its own failure to deposit Rs. However, the penalty imposed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar NGT has refused to fill.

The penalty is not deposited on the law will take its course. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has said that the fines will not have a penny. Would rather go to prison. According to Ravishankar, we did nothing wrong. We are spotless and would remain so. We will go to jail, but will pay no penalty.

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