All about fashion and and dress up tips

Whether you accept it or not, we all are influenced by fashion in one or the other way, the best thing about fashion is that we can make our own. You put up something weird, when people ask you about it you just bluntly say “it’s fashion”.

It goes without saying that we always want to look stunning, gorgeous, such that people look at  us and appraise us. But not all of have that in ourselves to pull off dresses, to be brutally honest we often end up with mismatching pairs and awkward color combinations. So here is this article dedicated to all of you who want to know the right color combinations and some extra fashion tips to roll with.

Choosing the right color combinations.

Okay, you might want to sit down for this one because this is going to be deep. We often do the same mistakes again and again of choosing the wrong color combinations and find ourselves in awkward situation where people, even our friends mock us.  And one of our friend’s who is a beauty expert always gives us tips, but we tend to forget them. Here we have divided this segment further into two categories namely casual and outings.

Casual and outings dress up tips

When you just want to go to hangout with your friends or for a movie or maybe shopping you don’t have to think much, a regular outfit with evenly matched colors would do just fine.

Men : Men don’t worry too much about their style, but still to be fashion cautious is a good thing, just put on a dark color t-shirt along with knee length light colored shorts and you will do just fine, put on bright colored loafers like brown or red or sky blue, this is the perfect look for summers, and believe me girls will drool over those calve muscles. If you are skinny go for v-necks, and if you have toned body go for printed round necks. As for normal outings, trousers with cream, beige, gray colors along with blue, black or white shirts will unify your look, don’t forget to pit on red shoes (the formal types), a nice wrist watch and off you go, a handsome man out for some fun.

Ladies, well you have a lot to work on, shorts, knee length skirts would do just fine in summers, if you wanna go out a light colored crop top and a dark colored jeans along with pencil heels will make you look fabulous. There are many different tops available, you can choose any one with some cuts, put on a rugged jeans and there you have another look.

As for outings, one pieces’ would do just fine, always remember to put on similar colored wedges or contrasting wedges, never even think of going with your regular heels.

So ladies and gentlemen, this was what you could try this summers, and stay in fashion. And yes those clothes you see models wear in fashion show, are not for us. Thanks.

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