A gentleman’s guide to dress well using simple clothes and live up to fashion

We boys are so much into dressing up like a gentleman, have a good physique and make people drool over our looks. Fashion is something which you can never stop learning, there is always something new to try but you have to accept the fact that you cannot pull off everything. If you ask me we men have very less dressing options comparing to women but nevertheless we can dress more classily that’s a fact. The male models you see walking on ramps do look good in whatever they put on but that’s because they are trained in that way, you don’t need those slimy and OUT OF THE BOX quirky designs to look good.

Pulling of white shirt and light colored chinos with mastery

You can use a single pair of dress to manage different occasions, a chino and white shirt will do justice in an official meeting, casual hangouts with your buddies or even on a date, considering you just do the little add on required. Let’s talk about them step by step,we will be taking a white shirt and a cream colored chino for all the three occasions.

  1. An Office Meeting: Tuck in your shirt, do not fold the sleeves if you don’t have a watch or two folds will do justice if you have decent metal strap watch to wear put on a pair of spectacles and a pair of dark colored brogues. It’s a classy look and you can pull it off even in winters.
  1. On a Date: Make a three fold to your sleeves, such that your elbow can be seen (No questions please), put on a synthetic strap watch if you can, close the collar button of your shirt, give your trousers a two fold and put on sneakers (dark colors but avoid black) wola!! You are ready for an awesome date.
  1. Casual hangouts: Keep your shirt hanging loose (NO TUCK INS), remove that watch and put on some dark colored bands if you can, fold your pants and opt in for light colored loafers or sneakers and you are ready for some bar fun.

Some must haves for your wardrobe

It can get really tricky and expensive if you try buying all the colors in shirts or trousers. If you are fashion conscious you would know that just 2 trousers and a few shirts, t-shirts can help you wear different combinations for a complete month. Bring a pen because you would like to take a note of this, make sure you have a black and a beige or cream colored trouser in your wardrobe, these two colors match up with each and every color out there (well almost). A white, a black and a navy colored shirt should be a part of your clothes too. Now these 5 clothes with just a hint of dressing according to occasions like mentioned above will help you cut down a lot of money and make you look like someone who knows fashion and dressing up.

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