8 Common mistakes you make in Gym

You can find a lot of people doing common mistakes in the gym. In this article, you will find the top 8 mistakes which people do during their workout.

Doing Too much workout

Most guys make this mistake of overdoing the workout in the beginning stages of their workout schedule. Maintain in a consistent phase and steadily increase the intensity of the workout. For example, if you have just started your training, you should not be chest pressing 100 pounds. You should start chest pressing with machines and slowly transform your form to manual and increase the weights.

Don’t take wrong advice

If you want to achieve a perfect body, you should work with a real professional trainer. You will not always get the desired results if you get advice or tips from your friends or gym mates. For example, some of your friends say you should follow this kind of diet to achieve maximum results, always consult with your trainer or professional before following any diet. As each and everyone are different, if the diet suits for your friend, it is not compulsory it will work out for you.

Doing too much Cardio

People often rely on cardio to lose weight quickly. People do the mistake of doing only cardio exercises day in and day out, without any desired results. If your intention is to lose weight, you have to combine weight training exercises with your cardio. Probably split your workout session equally to do both cardio and weight exercises. This will help the people who are trying to lose their weight

Maintaining Correct Form

You will find at least few guys doing squats without any form. You should maintain a steady form while doing weight exercises. Start with lesser weights and slowly increase the weights, this will help you to maintain a correct form. For example, your knees and back should be straight when doing squats.

Taking too much supplements

Many body building enthusiasts rely too much on supplements, protein powders and pills. You have to take real food to maintain a healthy reproductive system. There are some pre workout and post workout supplements, pick the supplement which suits you. If possible consult with your trainer before taking any kind of protein supplements or spills.

Avoiding Water

People make this mistake of not taking water during the workouts. Your body should have enough water content to do a steady and effective workout. Keep a water bottle with you in the gym and drink whenever needed.

Not using weight belts

Always use weight belts to protect your back, if you are doing squats or deadlifts with heavy weights. Weight belts helps you to protect you from getting back injuries and back pain

Skipping the Warm-up

Always make sure that you do a warm-up before starting with your workout routine. People sometimes make the mistake of skipping their warm-ups and start their workout. This will definitely lead to injuries. If you are skipping warm-up then do a warm-up step with light weights.

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