7 Things Which Decides Your Relationship Future


  1. There are some positive and negative things happen to everyone and a good faithful partner ignores all your faults and follows you. But if your partner keeps restriction on you for your lifestyle,dressing sence, and even your careers, then understand that the relationship no longer lasting. Female or male anyone would not tolerate any intervention in their freedom.
  2. Restrictions all the time, many questions because of busy phone line, not replying on whatsapp and facebook despite being online. In a relationship these issues are becoming the reason of fight then be care full here. Because these all things decides your relationship future.
  • Other Reasons:  Do not give significance to work, not to be supporting mentally, difference between thinking, not try to effort from both sides, lack of confidence etc.
  1. Love Each other work, if your partner understands you and you work then you should understand too. Think twice before demanding anything. If your partner does not like your work, and you do not like your partner work. Then think further about living together because these issues will go up again and again.

mental support

  • Not to Support Mentally: In a relationship of mutual understanding with all the joys and sorrows are shared. So if you or your partner are just like happiness, not with each other in the difficult situation of having no use for such a relationship.
    Good and bad and there is a sense of familiarity at the same time. Mentally as well as physical support, maake the relationship deepen and strengthen.
  • Don’t Care About Other: Your partner habits tend to tell that your partner does not care about you. Free from 10 minutes talk on phone, then doesn’t have time to meet then relationship future is in danger. Both men and women should take care about love because it is essential for a relationship. The passage of time the reduction of love is not guarantee of sustainable future of a relationship.
  • Difference Between Thinking: For marrige you want a settled life but your partner is not ready properly for it. Due to which you both meets daily debates. Then you both need to talk to each other and try to know about each other future plans. Marrige is not merely to live with, but has to play many roles. Your partner may be not ready for this right now.
  • Lack Of Confidence: After understanding if anything make a relation storng that is confidence or you can say loyality. If you love your partner too much but can’t trust then it is better to end the relationship. Lack of confidence becomes the reason of fight. With love in any relationship reassuring is also very important.

So guys and girls keep these things in mind while in a relationship and be happy.

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