5 Thing to Keep in Mind While Having Sex During Periods

We have seen often that many peoples worried about the fact that, Is sex safe during periods or not. According to doctors there is no harm in having sex during periods but definitely you should take some precautions. Read the following point you should care about while having sex during periods.

  • Lay the Towel on Bed: You cannot deny that sex is little difficult during periods. Due to the bleeding during sex may impair your bedsheet. So before having sex with your partner, spread a dark towel under her waist.
  • Cleaning After Sex: After having sex during periods you should clean your-self and you partner well. Use lukewarm water for shower and for washing clothes.
  • Take Care of Cleaning: During periods sex may increase the chance of Yeast Infection. So you should clean your genitals well before and after sex. Particularly clean upper part of penis because is increases the chance of infection if not cleaned well.
  • Don’t Adopt All Sex Positions: Do not adopt all positions like woman on top, positions like this can make your partner feel discomfort and doing so can heart her too. So use normal positions like missionary. Having sex in this position will reduce bleeding during sex.
  • Use Condom: If you are having sex during periods then it doesn’t mean that you are completely safe. During this time unprotected sex also carries a risk of many diseases is related to sex.

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