5 greatest spaceflight and aviation innovation of the year 2015

  1. The Application that can make Emergency Landings


If the pilot passes out, this could lead to a huge trouble for the flight. Thanks to one who created the app X-Avionics. This app could take the place of pilot and will be your conscious copilot to land you safely. If you face with engine out, X-Avionics will maneuver the easiest and safest near-by runway and will guide you accordingly. The app acts a virtual pilot and can be savior in emergency.

The app can be downloaded from playstore as well as for Iphones at just $ 19.99/ month.

  1. Real-Time Drone Delivery

This is most ingenious innovation in today’s world. This innovative method was opted by the most nimble courier growing company DHL. This Real-Time Drones Delivery could make the dropping off the medical aids to the calamity prone zone. These Parcelcopters could resist the high wind pressures, rain, snow temperature and even high temperatures. These Drone deliveries are done through pilot programmed, in case of urgency. This bizarre invention would now needn’t to rely on humans for parcel deliveries or in case of emergencies.

This real time drone doesn’t need any runway to take off its way. The Parcelcopters take Vertical takeoff and Landing (VTOL) which makes it fabulous.

  1. Manned Rockets for Tourists

This is for the first time in the history to lift the tourists and researchers to orbital space as their tour into suborbital space. This Blue Origin’s New Shepard will make its first launch in April for the tourists a new and audacious trip to suborbital space. The boosters used in the rocket are reusable and contains parachuted safe landing to earth. These Shepard BE-3 engines are available for licensing. Hence other companies could too get it off the ground.

  1. Congregate Micro-chip

A paper airplane which comprises of track boards and just craves a Close-In Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft (CICADA) which is an inexpensive 2.5-ounce glider invented by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. This CICADA dropped from midair can be guided by a GPS system; the micro-UAV can adjust winged on its wings to avoid crash-land within the feet of a target location located miles away. In swarms of dozens, or even thousands could aid as camera, microphones or weapon detectors.

  1. The Longest Solar powered Flight

This is the most leading-edge invention in technology’s world. The Solar Impulse 2 was navigated upto 5 days in the air. This was recorded as the highest record made by solar powered flight. Almost 17,248 solar cells provided the energy to the flight. This energy was stored in lithium polymer batteries to make the flight farther up at nights too.  The flight was co-piloted by the creator of this indigenous invention Andre Borschberg.

These indigenous could make you fall in love with the inventors for making your life so adventurous and remarkable. Also a hatsoff and beholden to the creator for making such a phenomenal inventions in the world.

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